Welcome to my Portfolio

Thanks for stopping by my page. It’s here you will be able to navigate through what one class, HIST 2480 Gender, Sexuality and History in Film, has taught me and what I have been able to take away from it.

Under About Me you’ll be able to read a little about me and what this project entailed.

Under Major Learnings you’ll be able to explore the literature, what I understand from the work of Bell Hooks, Rosalind Gill and Gale Rubin and how that was applied to particular films or videos in class.

Under Reading Analyses you’ll be able to find a more in depth exploration of the literature used throughout the semester.

Under Research Project you’ll be able to read through some of the research and analysis I conducted on Cover Girl Cosmetics first CoverBoy and how that relates to more major topics such as masculinity and the beauty industry throughout history.

Under Findings you’ll be able to browse through various videos I’ve found throughout the semester that I believe encapsulate all of the learnings and topics that I’ve gained throughout the duration of this course.

If you’ve gotten this far thank you so much for taking the time to read through this and please enjoy!

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